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The Skinny

Over the course of three months, Raidious has worked with BerylHealth to reorganize the company’s Web presence, the product of which is the beautiful, fully responsive site you see pictured here. As we are apt to do here at Raidious, we built this site on WordPress, utilizing a wide array of advantages provided by the platform.

The Breakdown

  • WordPress Back-end
    There are many benefits to using this open source platform for your website. Of them are enhanced SEO capabilities, complete control over theme development, as well as core functionality and ease of use. WordPress has come a long way from its humble blogger roots and is more than capable of driving BerylHealth’s new site.
  • HTML5/CSS3 Front-end
    The site utilizes the latest versions of both HTML and CSS, ensuring forward compatibility for years to come.  There are programmed fallbacks in place for compatibility with older browsers, as well.
  • Responsive Layout
    Conditional statements have been programmed into the site’s CSS to allow for it to respond to different screen sizes. There are appropriate layouts for desktop, tablet and even mobile screen sizes.
  • Salesforce Integration
    Forms on the site have been set up to allow for the collection of lead data to be handed off directly to Salesforce.  This helps streamline the lead generation process.

Of course we have also included the standard gamut of sections, including a blog, careers section, calendar of events, contact forms, etc.

Congratulations to BerylHealth on the launch of the new website!

We are really excited to be working with BerylHealth and are already underway developing another of their network sites. We look forward to working with Beryl Companies for years to come.

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