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After spending several years focused on consistently creating digital programs for marketing efforts in media, on the client side, at a web design firm, and at an ad agency – all with some success, and a lot of lessons learned – it became clear that a totally new approach was required to serve the needs of marketers in the digital space.

Marketers have been investing heavily for years in digital media, like websites, microsites, Facebook pages, Twitter programs, email marketing platforms, mobile device programs, and other online initiatives. In the past, all the focus has been on implementing the technology, with no real plan or  operational methodology to support these platforms on an on-going basis.

Content, and the skilled human involvement needed to produce it, is the biggest obstacle to success in digital marketing. Whether it’s email, blogging, social media, mobile device marketing, or web video, none of it works without content, and ongoing management, monitoring, moderation, and optimization. Yet, there were no companies offering the kinds of services marketers need to activate their online efforts in an easy or effective way. And so, we set about building a content company.

A Totally Different Approach

Raidious was created to do one thing – create digital content for marketers. We take a fully integrated planning approach to developing content for email marketing, blogging, social media management, monitoring, and moderation, mobile device marketing, and web video – and we structured and staffed our company to execute the plan in an easy, affordable and agile way.

To build a company that could actually serve the content needs of modern marketing, we had to completely rethink how marketing services is approached – particularly in regards to staffing, and the way digital marketing has been attacked in the past operationally.


We have no programmers, developers, or QA people on staff. We’re not solving a technology problem.

We have no creative directors, art directors, or media buyers on staff. We’re not solving an advertising problem.

We’ve staffed our company with experienced journalists – writers, editors, producers, reporters and digital marketing strategists.


Operationally, we’re structured much like a broadcast news operation, and we attack the content problem the same way a news team attacks a story.

The difference is, instead of our stories being about Sports, City and State, National News, or Health . . . our stories are about your brand, and designed to impact your marketing goals.


We are structured by design to proactively create content based on your marketing objectives. Agencies, web design firms, digital agencies and PR firms aren’t really staffed or structured for this. That’s not a bad thing, they’re just designed to serve different needs.

They’re set up to solve a different set of problems, like how to make an ad or how to build a website or how to get you press.

We’re staffed and structured to create and manage the content that drives your digital initiatives, delivers on your marketing goals, and consistently shows measurable ROI. We plan, manage, monitor, and moderate your brand’s presence online, and we create the content that drives it all.

We make the content that makes digital marketing work.

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