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The food truck phenomenon is sweeping the nation! They’re cute and kitschy and considerably easier (and cheaper) to run than a fully-staffed restaurant in any city. Not only that, but the owners/operators of these trucks know a thing or two about marketing.

Consider the average restaurant website and social media presence … they’re pretty bad, aren’t they? That said, it’s awfully hard to manage marketing campaigns when your executive staff spends the majority of its time in the kitchen, managing staff schedules and mingling with customers. This isn’t a problem specific to restaurants; it’s an inherent problem across all business models. This is where the food trucks can teach us a thing or two about social media marketing.

English: Exterior of the Maximus Minimus food ...

English: Exterior of the Maximus Minimus food truck, corner of Pike Street and 2nd Avenue, downtown Seattle, Washington. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Food truck operators are constantly in touch with their audience because they have to be. ¬†They’re a moving target! Now you see ’em, now you don’t! For this reason, they have to constantly stay in communication with their customers via their social channels. They regularly update their location, menus, deals and local partnerships from their Twitter, Facebook and foursquare accounts.
Here are three takeaways you can apply to your company’s social campaigns by observing the social media habits of the food truck community:
  1. Listen to Your Audience: The purveyors of food truck fare are very vocal about when and where they want to see their favorite trucks. It’s good to be in demand and even better when you please your audience.
  2. Check in Early, Check in Often: Don’t inundate your followers with useless information. Listen to the conversations happening around your brand and respond appropriately.
  3. Promote Your Events: Work with industry partners and advocates to promote your events and make sure you give credit where credit’s due! Thank your fans and followers. Without their support, you’d be nowhere.

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