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On Nov. 7, TechCrunch reported that Facebook would begin displaying its five-star rating system just under the business name on brand pages. While the new placement is still in its testing phase and it’s unclear what exactly Facebook has planned for the five little stars, it already serves as an important reminder for marketers.

The number of likes on your page is an important metric, but it is not the only metric.

Great businesses aren’t just big businesses. Great businesses offer a valuable product or service and take care of their customers and employees. While the number of likes your brand has might promote your brand’s popularity and excellent content, the number of stars your brand has will promote customers’ sentiment toward your brand, no matter how big or small. And that is also a valuable metric.

This placement is another shift towards social media platforms becoming integral parts of a company’s customer service team. It is no longer enough to just maintain your Facebook page by pushing content to your audience. Your content marketing strategy must also include a monitoring and moderation component, so that you can listen and respond to your customers – the good, the bad and the mad – who are already talking to you and about you online.

If companies take advantage of this shift, sooner rather than later, no matter how small or large a brand is, they could see a great benefit in the five-star rating system. No company is perfect. You will have complaints from upset customers and the occasional low rating. But if you offer your customers a friendly avenue to get problems solved, your company will get rewarded and your four or five little stars will become another way Facebook users can discover your brand.

“We’re extending star ratings on Facebook from mobile to desktop – to make it easier for people to discover great businesses around them,” a Facebook spokesperson told TechCrunch. “This is beneficial for both businesses and consumers. Star ratings encourage more people to rate a business, making it eligible to appear in News Feed and help others discover a business they didn’t know about previously. For businesses themselves, this also leads to greater brand awareness.

“As you may recall, star ratings launched in early 2012 with the introduction of Nearby on mobile,” continued the Facebook spokesperson. “Now we’re bringing the visibility of star ratings to a more prominent spot at the top of Pages’ timeline on desktop and to the preview in News Feed.”

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