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Where should I publish my awesome content?

Where Should I Publish My Awesome Content?!

Every piece of content has an ideal home. Its ‘best fit’ place to live… so when you’re thinking how to organically distribute content to your audience (assuming you already know a lot about who and where they live), let’s talk about the networks.

Facebook is where you provide value to your audience. Here more than anywhere, the content can’t be about you. Make it about who you’re talking to, and you’ll win every time. Answer, “what’s in it for me?” and you’re home. Just don’t forget that you’re going to need some ad budget to make sure the message gets out to the thousands of fans you’ve collected over the years. It’s pay to play.

Everything ‘in the moment’ is on Twitter. Events are the ‘gimme’ content that has to go up on Twitter. Public commentary, news. If it happened today – it goes on Twitter.

If you’re a B2B, this is your home. They don’t call it the network for professionals for nothing. Product announcements, thought leadership – If you’re going to have a good long think ­ about something, it should probably go on LinkedIn.

Yeah – just don’t say the words “go viral.” You guys drive me nuts. Seriously though, if you have an entertaining story to tell – keyword “story.” – it has to go on Youtube. This is the second largest search engine on the planet. You have massive audience potential with this network. Even if you’re only using it for a content repository, as most brands do, it’s likely worth having your content their for the inbound benefits.

If you’re ready to inspire your audience with a beautiful photo or short video, Instagram is for you. Want your audience to wear the latest trends? Grow out their beard? SHAVE their beard? Go some place new? Get active? Decorate their new home? Find your self a HIGH­quality photo and get on Instagram. But, don’t forget … they don’t call it INSTA­gram for no reason. The more real­time or seasonal your content is … the better.

Do you have an e­Commerce site? Do you have females in your target demographic? Do you want to create content that has a long shelf­-life? Pinterest is the social network for you. Not only will this social network efficiently direct users to your e­Commerce site and blog, but your content will last long after you post it. With Promoted Pins on Pinterest, you can give your audience the ability to buy directly from you while using Pinterest. As seasons come and go and trends fluctuate, if you share useful content with engaging imagery on Pinterest it will continue to resurface for days, weeks, months, even YEARS to come!

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