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Working Remotely Means Never Having to Get out of Bed

And that’s just one of many misconceptions associated with working remotely.

I have been working remotely for Raidious as an Account Manager for just six weeks now. So I’m not exactly an expert on this subject, but it is fair to say I’ve quickly identified a few practices that work for me and could for you, too! First things first – you must get out of bed.

Get Ready for Work. And Maybe Even Go There.

I have a 6-month-old child, so I have to get up anyhow. But even if I didn’t, getting up, showering, getting dressed (in real grownup clothes), having coffee, etc. is the first step to starting the day right. There’s just something wrong about conducting a conference call from bed, with dirty teeth and your jammy jams on that doesn’t make you feel on top of your game. Get ready for work.

Even though I have a home office and could stay home, I find myself to be more productive with a designated out of home “office.” I’m a big fan of co-working spaces. Coffee shops work too. But you might end up on a caffeine overdose if you aren’t careful. Having a base separate from the house to get work done provides a sense of belonging and community and maybe even leftover cake in the communal kitchen.

There’s No Need to Be Lonely.

This yummy piece of pie I found on another post about working remotely: “Your clients are not a to-do list, they need your help! Connect with them.” I LOVE THIS. At first (a whole 6 weeks ago), working remotely felt a bit isolating. This feeling subsides every day that I get closer with our clients and my teammates. With so many options for connecting, it’s easier than ever to remain in touch. I find the best way to connect is with a good old fashion phone call. Everyone acts so busy, until you get them talking about their dog. Pick up the phone. There’s no need to be lonely.

Get Inside of The Loop.

This is actually my current challenge to myself. There is something about being in an office and observing your co-workers and their client interactions that is priceless when establishing your spot within a new company, its culture and mission. My approach: pretend I’m the consumer and they’re a brand I love and want to know better. How would I get intimate with them? Read every blog they post, watch every video, connect on social media, join their conversations. Eat our own dog food. Quite simply put, get in the loop.

Perhaps down the road I’ll see what else I have to add to this topic. Until then, what are your best practices for working remotely? I know someone who is asking.


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