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World Wildlife Fund’s #LastSelfie Campaign Creates Urgency, Results

The first thing that struck me about the World Wildlife Fund’s #LastSelfie campaign is the brutal reality of it – these beautiful endangered animals around the world are dying. As an avid animal-lover, seeing the images of adorable faces that could be wiped off our planet forever certainly tugged at my heartstrings. The simplicity of the content’s design only added more power to the message. Impactful photography, combined with a concise CTA elicits an emotional response and a stronger likelihood to take action.

What I really like about this campaign is how seamlessly the content is integrated into the platform. Snapchat is a hot, hot, hot social media platform, and everyone wants to join the party. Like a chameleon adapting to a new environment, WWF’s #LastSelfie campaign is an excellent example of content that’s custom-built to perform on this channel. By utilizing a concept – the selfie –that is already a large component of the how the audience uses Snapchat, they effortlessly join that conversation.


My favorite aspect of the campaign is the powerful use of time, which can only be demonstrated on an app like this one, where content lasts no more than 10 seconds. By integrating the app’s countdown feature into the copy, the sense of urgency is baked in. The user can capture a screenshot to save the information, which WWF mentions in some of it’s messaging, further aligning with the native language of the platform.

When it comes to results, this campaign wins. Not only did the idea become a social media trending topic, it translated to a cross-platform conversation on Twitter. In one week, #LastSelfie posts were generated by 40,000 users and seen by 120 million users – which amounted to almost 50% of active Twitter users at that time. However, the most impressive statistic came from the actual donations. In just three days, the World Wildlife Fund received enough donations to reach their entire month’s goal for the campaign.

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