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Zombies, The U.S. Election, and Social Volume

What could these three things possibly have in common?

Before I answer that, please allow me to have my Raidious Halloween moment:


After the Walking Dead premiere, it seemed as though EVERYONE in my feeds was talking about it – to the extent that it drowned out everything else. That we’re in an election season and something else has come up to drown out all the negativity is welcome, but I was curious just how much volume was coming from the Walking Dead season premiere.

It turns out that YES, people took a break from the general election conversation to comment on the season premiere of The Walking Dead (64% in the US and 55% Globally) – and why wouldn’t they? We are all rather worn out, especially heading into November, no matter who you are choosing to support.

Walking Dead Premiere Social Media Volume

However, not all is well in the land of Zombies, and there were some major things happening in the episode that had emotions all over the place. WARNING! Potential spoilers ahead! Leading up to the premiere, things we “ok” – but during/after the premiere, things took a turn for the worst. We see that in the sentiment data for the Walking Dead premiere, as we go from healthy anticipation to some disgust at what happened in the episode:

Walking Dead Premiere Social Media Sentiment


The range of language used to describe what happened on screen varied for a lot of viewers. Our emotions were all over the place, but most of the emotion shown was not positive, further leading us to assume a hell of an early season twist (this if you haven’t watched yet).

US Election Social Media Sentiment


Whereas the election has one clear emotion shown, anticipation.


US Election Social Media Sentiment Expectation

I won’t dive into what happened in the episode, but the negativity stemmed around some specific keywords: Deaths (OH NO!), Negan’s Victim (EEK!), crying emojis (??) and various others that paint one hell of a spoiler for the show. Queue the tears, or cheers, depending on how you feel about it.

Walking Dead Premiere Word Cloud

But no matter who lives or dies (this week or after the election), Raidious will be here to help answer questions about how to exist in the relevant world of social conversation.

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